About us

We are a family business that is specialized in large refrigeration plants for the food industry. We are a company with the appeal of a small-scale operation and a traditional way of working. Being experts in the field, we have a thorough knowlegde of all different technologies that are needed to build and maintain state of art refrigeration plants. We operate in such a way that our clients are always able us to contact us directly, so you don't get caught up in unnecessary bureaucracy.

We possess the know-how and expertise to tackle every aspect of refrigeration ourselves. From supplying a quote, to planning, operating, installing and maintaining the equipment. We are the one stop shop for all your refrigeration needs. That's our unique approach.

Get introduced with our three C's:


We know how to deal with refrigeration and master all the facets of the job. We show what we are made of.


We are pioneers but also realistic and go our own way.


We take a close look at your business and will do anything to maximize results for you.