Bort de Graaf Refrigeration Technology was founded in 1984 by Bort de Graaf. During the recession in the eighties Bort decided it was time to start his own business. In his hometown Bunschoten-Spakenburg the foundations of his refrigeration company were built. With only an old orange VW-van and a toolkit Bort started his adventure.

Soon Bort de Graaf gained trust with his clients in Bunschoten-Spakenburg and surroundings. The clientele increased. Nowadays we are not only active in the Netherlands but also in Morocco, Belgium and Germany (see references).

After 30 years Bort de Graaf Refrigeration Technology has grown to a well renowned player on the Dutch refrigeration market. The company consists of a team of experienced, motivated and committed employees (including his two sons). Together with thoroughly selected subcontractors, we make every refrigeration project a success.