Bort de Graaf Refrigeration Technology has a thorough knowlegde of all different technologies that are needed to build and maintain state of the art refrigeration plants. We are specialized in:

• Industrial cooling and freezing installations based on natural
  refrigerants NH3 en CO2;

• Operation and visualisation systems by our own design;

• Installion and maintanance of flake ice machines and the overhaul of
  industrial reciprocating compressors.

Refrigeration technologyAirco & Heat pumpsIce machines
Condensors Multisplit units Nugget ice machines
Industrial installations Split units PLC operation and visualisation
Cooling and freezing rooms VRF systems Revision ice machines Maja/Buus
Cooling and freezing tunnels Heat recovery Flake ice machines (horizontal/vertical)
Coolers Water cooled units Slurry ice machines
Air handling units    
Natural refrigerants (NH3/CO2)    
Plate freezers (horiz./vertical)    
PLC operation & visualisation    
Overhaul industrial reciprocating compressors    
Draught free ventilation systems    
Food displays (cool & freeze)    
Water coolers