Air conditioning & heat pumps

Nowadays air conditioners and heat pumps are hardly indiscernible. Every air conditioner can cool as well as heat. There are different kind of brands for sale at different selling points, even at your local hardware store.

Why buy an air conditioner at Bort de Graaf Refrigeration Technology if you can also buy one a the hardware store? The price is not the issue, we cannot compete with the prices of the so called price fighters. Nevertheless we can distinguish ourselves on the following points:

  • We work with air conditioners and heat pumps of premium brands like Toshiba and Samsung
  • We know the units we work with extremely well.
  • We work directly with the importer.
  • The supply of parts is well organised. There is a more than sufficient stock available and parts are available even when the production of the specific unit has stopped. This will extend the life span of your system. This in comparison with the supply of parts of cheaper brands.
  • We deal directly with clients concerning unexpected warantee matters and breakdowns. This means no interference with external companies. Responsibilities are not delegated.
  • During the process of supplying a quote we come along to your office to give you optimal advice and we make you an offer with no snags in it.
  • We have the necessary specialized and quality standard tools and materials to work neat and thorough. The units are delivered with an extended warantee and Bort de Graaf Refrigeration Technnology provides one year warantee on installation and labor.
  • Noiseless interior and exterior units and installation maintain your night rest and the concentration of you and your employees will not be disturbed.
  • If requested we can deliver units that can be rebuild and provided with a heat exchanger for water. The result is warm water which can be used for floor heating. The assemblage and commissioning is done by very experienced mechanics.
  • Our mechanics get enough time to retrieve an optimal result. The mechanics work hard and accurate.
  • Our mechanics are polite and leave their work place neat and tidy.