Ice machines

Pretty looking ice sells your product better. In consultation with you we make sure the machine makes ice the way you want it.

Bort de Graaf is importer of Buus and Maja ice machines. For a number of years we work with these quality products manufactured by the Danish and the Germans. Therefore we are able to provide you the following:

  • Delivering;
  • Installing;
  • Adjusting;
  • Maintaining;
  • Overhauling.

Because Bort de Graaf masters the whole package, you will have a continuous production of top quality ice.

The horizontal flake ice machines produce 0.2-10 metric tons per 24 hours. The vertical flake ice machines produce 4.5-62 metric tons per 24 hours.

Below you can see a few examples of (flake) ice machines we can deliver.

Atlas vertical flake ice machine Buus horizontal flake ice machine
Maja horizontal flake ice machine
Atlas verticale scherfijsmachines  

Buus horizontale scherfijsmachine


Maja horizontale scherfijsmachine