Klaas Puul Marocco - Tanger

Bort de Graaf Refrigeration Technology is active for Klaas Puul in Marocco since 1993. In 2014 a complete new shrimp peel factory was built. Bort de Graaf was responsible for the total refrigeration.


  • Capacity: 300.000 kg shrimps per week;
  • Working area for 3.000 shrimp peelers (three shifts per 24 hour)
  • In-house developed compressor pack;
  • In-house developed 250 kW chiller for the purpose of refrigeration cells;
  • Air handling units, total 1.100 kW.
 Shrimp peel factory
 Peeling area  Developed chiller
Shrimp peel factory Klaas Puul Marocco Shrimp peel factory Klaas Puul Marocco Self developed and built chiller